Who We are

We are a team of…

…Software Architects, Software Developers, and Project Managers, who’ve worked with hundreds of customers the past 15 years.

We realized that working together under the umbrella of LambdaCodex instead of as part of our own separate smaller companies is greater than the sum of those parts.

Lambda Codex Inc. is a registered
Corporations Canada company headquartered in
Nova Scotia, Canada,
but offer our services across the world.

With the strategies and experience we’ve developed in those years, we’ve come to perfect our offering, helping you conceptualize what you need, when you need it, tailored and scaled to whatever budget that makes sense to you.

Our passion is about helping others achieve their goals. We’ve gone through all the pain, learning, challenges, achievements and finally mastery of the tools and technology to build brands and successful businesses from the ground up, or help established large businesses achieve their next major milestone and now we want to help you achieve your goal. That’s what we’re all about.