Small Business Coaching

Not everyone is born to be a business owner, and that’s OK. Some have to be trained, others have to go through intensive coaching exercises to acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed. But everyone can be successful with the right coach.

LambdaCodex – Small Business Coaching and Mentorship

Since our founders have gone through all their failures to reach all their successes, they want to pay it forward by coaching you in the strategies they’ve used to reach their full potential. This is on top of the design, development, and marketing services we already offer as part of your subscription.

Some of the more common small business coaching programs charge upwards of $5000 for a 1-month course. Our costs are low because we know that small businesses need to save every penny towards the design, development, and marketing of their business. So we give the coaching services essentially as a cost-free bonus to all our subscribers.