How it works

  1. Subscribe:
    Join the Lambda Codex Startup Empowerment Program (LCSEP) by signing up to an ongoing monthly Subscription Plan based on your needs and budget.
  2. We get in touch:
    We will send you the LCSEP Business Profile form, where we request specific details about your business, plan, and goals (confidentiality is guaranteed). Based on your industry, business, or product type, we assign a specialized Account Manager who is well-versed in your type of business. The Account Manager is more than just your Project Manager, they’re also your own Coach and Mentor.
  3. We work together:
    We work closely with you on your needs, and send you draft materials for you to review and approve. The more intricate the work, the longer it may take to design and develop, but you’ll be apprised at all times of all the expected work and effort needed to complete your specific requirements, whether it is a few hours, to several days (or weeks for the more complex websites and software). Contact us at any time if you want a specific estimate on custom work.
  4. We publish:
    Once you approve the draft work, we proceed with launching the product (new logo design, website, software, sales products, marketing campaign, etc..).
  5. Repeat!
    On a monthly basis, this process is repeated, in the meantime, we manage your campaigns and websites, make sure everything’s working smoothly, and address any issues or problems as they come up, while you just focus on developing your business, product, and interacting with your customers. When you get to a point where you decide that you can proceed on your own without our help, reach out to your Account Manager and request a conclusion of your subscription plan, we’ll transfer all administrative systems (domain, website, eCommerce services, etc..) over to you and your technical team.